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This blogging noob has decided to document her and her boyfriends life and times in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai on this blog.  She's been living there for about one year and still finds new and exciting things to do.

Not only that, she's made a website all about it too, phew!  It will be up and running... soon.

She is going to stop talking in the third person (she read somewhere that it makes you sound pretentious).

This blog and my website are currently more Chiang Mai Nothing than Chiang Mai Everything. The website and this blog aren't finished yet, but I'm working my ass off to get them done... trying to figure out code is a bitch when you haven't got a clue.  

The good (great?) news for you is that you can use us, or more specifically our experiences, to find out stuff about Chiang Mai when they're finished.

My boyfriend and I have been engaged for one year - so I suppose I should call him my fiance!

If you came across my youngling blog expecting greatness and found nothing but this measly post, please, stick with me and come back in a little while to find out all sorts of stuff about things like...
  • Things to do in and around Chiang Mai.
  • The best restaurants, bars and cafes in Chiang Mai (according to me).
  • The best coffee shops to take your laptop (or i-pad you fancy fancy thing) to and get free wifi, great coffee and friendly smiles at.
  • Motorbike / motorcycle tours in and around Chiang Mai (probably our favourite thing to do).
  • Where to get your bedding from.
  • How to sort out all that paperwork at immigration and city hall.
  • How to make sure you're covered by medical insurance if you end up splashed across the moat road.
  • Where to buy a cheap, high quality non-stick pan to use on an induction hob.
Expect to hear from us very soon.

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