At Last: Where to Find Custard Cream Biscuits in Chiang Mai

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If you aren't British, maybe you haven't heard about these nostalgic kings of the biscuit tin before.

Custard creams aren't particularly fancy, but oh my gosh they are so good. They beat Oreos spectacularly.

Vanilla fondant is sandwiched between two flat biscuit layers. The Victorian baroque design on the biscuit layers reminds us that once upon a time, custard creams were rather sophisticated and special. Some people serve them on a dainty little saucer, but due to a lack of dainty little saucers in our house and a rather passionate hatred of creating more washing up than is necessary, we say that munching them straight from the packet is fine.

And now they are here, custard creams in Chiang Mai! Here is a guide about how to get maximum enjoyment from this humble biscuit, and where to find them.

You have to dunk them.

If you don't have any tea in the house, don't even bother buying custard creams. The best flavour and texture is when they're dunked in hot tea. Dunking, in case you didn't know, is when you hold the biscuit at one end and dip the other end in the tea, for just a few seconds. It must be hot, or the biscuit won't soften in the liquid, and that's what dunking is all about - the joyful combination of soggy and crunchy biscuit. You have to time it perfectly - leave it dunked for too long and it'll break off and sink to the bottom of your tea. You can try to fish it out with a spoon, but it takes some dedicated practice and much frustration before you can claim to be skilled at this technique, and by that time the biscuit is too soggy anyway. Better to learn the dunk-timing as soon as possible.

You can find them in just about any British biscuit tin.

For me, custard creams brings back memories of being a little girl and invading my grandma and granddad's bed on a Saturday or Sunday morning with the sun streaming in through the window to drink tea and dunk custard creams, kept in a special tin by the bed. They're about trying to sneak one more whilst my grandparents pretended to not notice.

Here in Chiang Mai

Wondering where to find custard creams in Chiang Mai? To experience this slice of British life, get yourself a packet of custard creams from Tops Supermarket in Kad Suan Kaew or from a small shop called Green Shop on Rachaphruek Road. 60 baht, if I remember correctly... way more expensive than in Nottingham, but cheaper than a plane ticket! They both also sell Bourbons, another British favourite.

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  1. Any chance of finding McVities Digestives?

  2. Wow they got Waitrose products in Chiangmai? Do they also import other products from Waitrose like Smoothies? Love those smoothies which I got from Spinneys here in Abu Dhabi and also Bolthouse Farms smoothies. I'll be going home to CNX next week for my summer vacation.


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