Mae Sa Waterfall, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai

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Mae Sa Waterfall is magical.

There are ten tiers of waterfalls, each with their own character, and a beautiful nature trail to reach them all.
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After eating Thai food, veggie burgers, brownies and the chocolatiest drink in existence at Baa Baa Black Cafe nearby, Andy and I decided to check out the Mae Sa waterfall to cool off in the water.

You need more than an hour and a half at Mae Sa waterfall.

We arrived at 3.30pm and the National Park closes at 5pm. Not realising how big the National Park was, we decided an hour and a half would be plenty of time. We were wrong. It just wasn't enough time to walk along the nature trail, play in the water at the different falls, take pretty photographs and chase butterflies. If you go, give it at least half a day. We'll go for a full day next time and pack a picnic - there are lots of picnic tables amongst the trees on the riverbank and in clearings, but I think we'll take a picnic mat and find our own spot.

It's the tail end of the rainy season right now, which means the water rushing down the falls was magnificent and the forest was green and lush. Moss blankets the stone on the lesser-traveled parts of the nature trail and there are little handmade wooden bridges to cross, which was very exciting for me. Along the trail and around the waterfalls you can see bright butterflies, trees, plants, and... other nature stuff.

Lots of people tell you that falls five, six and seven are the best, but since beauty is in the eye of the beholder why not spend some time meandering (or hiking super-fast, as in our case) along the nature trail and find your own favourite? One person's puny little waterfall is another's magical discovery. I'd like to go one more time to paddle in and sit by every one before I decide which is my true favourite. I saw a few people wearing flip-flops on the trail, but personally I'd recommend sturdier, less slippery footwear. We wore Converse.

Having fun is easy when you've found your perfect spot. Paddle or swim in the cool water, explore around the rocks and have a refreshing shower under a tropical waterfall. You can take your swim suit with you, or just jump straight in like we did.

Essential Information

Address: Highway 1096, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai - Map

How to get to Mae Sa waterfall on a motorbike or in a car:
Mae Sa waterfall is 25km from Chiang Mai, on the Samoeng Loop. From Chiang Mai, drive up Changphuak Road onto Route 107. Keep going, then turn left onto Highway 1069. Keep driving till you see the sign for Mae Sa waterfall, then follow the signs. map

Fill up your tank before you leave Chiang Mai.

Once you've paid your entry fee, continue driving along the road. You can park in numerous places. We parked at tier one, but you can drive further up to the higher tiers to do less walking.

How to get to Mae Sa waterfall without a motorbike or car:
Your guesthouse will be able to arrange a red car for you, or just flag one down in the city.

Entry fee is 100 baht for foreigners, or 20 baht for Thais/foreigners with a Thai work permit or driving licence.

Opening times: 8am - 5pm

You can buy food there.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your waterfall experience. We just visited Mae Sa Waterfall and your blog post was helpful. Nicole

    1. Wahooooo I'm super happy it helped :) Did you love it?

  2. Thank you for sharing your waterfall experience. We just visited Mae Sa Waterfall and your blog post was helpful. Nicole

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