Sports Day in Chiang Mai is Crazy.

15:18 Amy 2 Comments

Did Sports Day at your school look like this?

If your school time Sport Days were anything like mine, you'd compete in several running events, some jumping ones and an egg and spoon race to keep it old primary school.

There really are no words to describe Sports Day in Thailand.

I think that all sports day in Thailand are similar to this amazing madness. Can anyone confirm?

There's a little bit of sport - some sprints around the track, some discus throwing in the middle of the field (what's health and safety?) and some high jumps. But mostly, Sports Day is about wearing the most amazing fancy mind blowing costumes that can be dreamt up, cheering your team on (even if no-one is competing) by screaming - really, really, screaming - and performing intricate movements with gloved hands, pom poms, fans, umbrellas.... and dancing. Lots and lots of dancing.

The students had been practicing their dances and cheers for weeks. 

They practiced dancing when they should have been eating lunch. They practiced dancing when they should have been in class. They stayed for hours after school to practice dancing almost every day. The dances were indeed spectacular; energetic and creative. I have no idea how they kept it up all day. They were all pretty much asleep in class the day after, though!

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