Coffee and Tea IN THE SAME GLASS at Homm Tea House, Chiang Mai

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Have you ever drank cold coffee and tea together?

Before you turn your nose up in disgust, hear me out. It's absolutely incredible.

Andy and I keep finding ourselves at Homm Tea House in Nimmanhaemin recently. I'm a sucker for trying the craziest thing on the menu wherever I go. It sometimes works out great, because I get to try exciting, interesting new things. Sometimes it doesn't.

After asking for a description of practically everything on the menu and listening to the owner's detailed descriptions, I excitedly ordered a Coffee Berry - iced black coffee mixed with fruity rosey tea with a bit of lime. (!)

It took a while to come. It must take some time to brew all that fruity tea goodness into the water, I suppose. In the meantime, we were given green tea with chrysanthemum in it for free. Despite it being free, I didn't really fancy it... I'd accidentally bought Oishi chrysanthemum green tea from 7-11 once before and it was pretty rank, so I tried it with more than a little apprehension. What do you know, it must have been brewed with magic, because it was deliciously refreshing and tasty.

When my Coffee Berry did arrive, it was a dark opaque, slightly red and fragrant dream, topped with a pale lilac flower. All in all, very enticing. I took a sip, and it knocked my face off in surprise.


Oh my gosh you have to go and try iced coffee and fruity flowery tea! You'll thank me later. Unless your name is Andy. He didn't like it so much. He did rather like his blueberry pie though, but I preferred the lemon cheese meringue. The diet starts on Monday..?

Since that time we've tried Strawberry Ice Tea and Roselle Herbal tea, which were good... but Coffee Berry is still my favourite!

Homm Tea House serves tasty Thai Food.

I had spicy catfish with rice, and Andy had vegetarian pad thai. My catfish was REALLY spicy. Like everything, the food was beautifully presented and tasted really good. The price was reasonable - especially for Nimmanhemin. They do lunch deals for 50 baht. 50 baht for beautiful and tasty pad thai in Nimman is pretty darn good!

I've spoken to two Thai ladies who work there - I think they're both owners. Both of them are very knowledgeable about tea, and both are very friendly and down to earth.

Homm Tea House is gorgeous.

The table tops have compartments built in, covered by a glass sheet so you can see into each compartment. Inside each is a little pile of colourful dried tea leaves or flowers. There are bursts of colour everywhere, and the huge building feels airy and full of light. Upstairs has plenty of comfortable sofas to sink into and while away an afternoon. There are plenty of places to take a sit and a couple of tables outside in a positively delightful tree-shaded garden.

We sometimes despair, because some businesses in Thailand are definitely style over substance. No, I don't want waffles garnished with gold paint that look like I could pay $200 for them in an art gallery if they just taste like grey paste, thanks.

Homm Tea House is, happily, super stylish and tasty. I'm so happy that we found it and I can't wait to go back there to try more of their innovative offerings. Next time I'm definitely ordering Iced Chocolate Earl Grey... sounds divine.

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