All the Cinemas in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Want to see a movie at the cinema in Chiang Mai?

(last updated December 2016)

I love watching movies. The seats, the popcorn, the immersive-ness. Chiang Mai has four great cinemas to choose from.

There are two main brands of cinema in Chiang Mai: SF Cinemas and Major Cineplex. They're pretty much identical, but the popcorn is better at Major Cineplex ;) Prices are similar at all cinemas, give or take a few baht, unless there's a promotion running.

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Here is a map of cinemas in Chiang Mai. If you take an Uber, use the promo code AMYL15952UE to get two free rides. Click here for instructions.

1) SFX Cinema Maya, Chiang Mai

Brand new and close to Nimmanhemin; the most conveniently located cinema if you're staying in the Old City or Nimman area. This is probably the most popular cinema in Chiang Mai.

Check showtimes, reserve or buy movie tickets here.

2) Major Cineplex Central Festival, Chiang Mai

Also new. Has an i-max, Ultra Screens and 4D Screens. Central Festival is my favourite shopping mall in Chiang Mai - check out a store directory here.

Check cinema showtimes, reserve or buy movie tickets here.

3) Major Cineplex Central Airport Plaza, Chiang Mai

Not so new, but still good. Shows 2D and 3D movies only. Can get busy. Pretty close to the Old City.

Check showtimes, reserve or buy movie tickets here.

4) SF Cinema City Promenda, Chiang Mai

New and never crowded, and I met Kickass there once (no, really). Has an i-max screen. Quite far out from Chiang Mai city centre, so choose a different one if you're not staying nearby.

Check showtimes and reserve or buy cinema tickets here.

Get frozen yogurt from the Fro Yo ninja after the cinema.
Ice Cream Mania is in front of Maya. The guy moves so fast and his fro yo is delicious. He makes frozen yogurt or ice cream rolls on a freezing teppanyaki pan. Yum.

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  1. Central Festival is my favourite one. And you are right, Kad Suan Kaew is terrible. The whole building is somewhat creepy.

    1. Haha! Have you seen the kareoke rooms at the top of Kad Suan Kaew? They're all themed - there's a cave one, a snow one, a jungle one etc. They're creepy, but actually pretty cool!

  2. Watch out for rats in Kad Suan Kaew. There was a dead one in the table tennis area for weeks (next to the karaoke booths). No way would I use the cinema there, glad it is all in Thai anyway :P

    1. Blergh............. thanks (kind of) for the tip Michael. I'm not surprised that there are rats, but I'm pretty surprised it was there for weeks! Ew!

  3. Kad Suan Kaew is my fave place for Cinema. 90B mon-thu and 110B fri-sun and for new movies. It's a bit run down now sure but so are a lot of places. It's the people that give life to a place. Usually they only screen Thai movies or Hollywood movies that are dubbed in Thai nowa days. Still, they still show English movies. Only watched the new James Bond here a few days ago. I guess i have a lot of fond memories of this place and watching movies here from 6 years ago. While aesthetically not the best place, it doesn't deserve critisism. Though in saying that, less and less people are going to the cinema in Thailand now. Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai - sometimes i'm the only one in there - and that's for Thai movies sometimes too. 6 years ago they were packed.

  4. Thanks Amy for your useful info. Chiang Mai is such a sassy town from your blog!

    I'm traveling to Chiang Mai from Beijing and want to go to the movies so badly. The movie selection in Beijing is so narrow. I checked the showtime and want to see a Spanish film ( A quick question though, do you know if the movie is with English subtitles for foreign films? Thanks.

  5. Maya Mall cinema for the win! Haha.

    The only other one i've tried is Central to be fair, but Maya is so convenient, I just don't see the point in trying the others!

  6. Is SFX Cinema Maya, Chiang Mai also called " SFX Cinema Mina Chiang Mai"

    I've searched for Maya on the cinema's website (trying to book tickets online) and other than Promenade only Mina comes up.
    Thank you for your help!

  7. Dumb question but does Maya mall play movies in English? How do we know which movies/times are in English? Thanks!

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