Busted: The Thai ESL student who tried to slip something past me!

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So today, a student finally handed in their New Year poster. 

We'll call him Johnny. That photo isn't Johnny. The assignment was to finish the sentence "This year, I want to..." with a few ideas. Lovely, smart, totally-not-a-bad-boy Johnny had written:

"This year, I want to read more read more books, play a computer game every day, read hentai with my friend and learn how to bake a cake."

So, somehow, I totally know what hentai is. Don't Google it if you're at work or of a sensitive disposition! FYI, it's Japanese anime porn. Obviously, Johnny had no idea that I know what hentai is and wanted to have a little joke with his friends. Haha. Haha. Hahahahaha :D

Me:         So, what's hentai then?" *curious face*
Johnny:  .......... cartoons, teacher." *totally straight-faced*
Me:         Oh really? What kind of cartoons?"
Johnny:  It's.......... anime, teacher." *still straight-faced!*
Me:         Oh, right. What happens in these hentai anime cartoons?"
Johnny:  Um......... um............" *starts getting red*
Me:         ................I know what hentai is.

Finally, all his friends who had been holding in their laughter gasped and let it all out. "You know hentai teacher!?" Utter disbelief. I just raised my eyebrow. It really was hilarious, poor Johnny didn't have a clue what to say.

Me:         It's cool, you're a young guy... but this is inappropriate for school. Change it, because this poster is going on the wall.
Johnny:  OK teacher. Sorry.
Me:         Nevermind, eh.

Phew, I think I handled it well!

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