Another mega-favourite ESL Game: The Line Game

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They go freaking nuts for this one.

The Line Game is loud and crazy and quickly improves students listening, quick-thinking and English speaking skills

It's totally unaffiliated with Line, that popular messaging service in Thailand, but the very fact it's called 'Line' grabs their interest instantly.

Every student speaks and you can tailor your questions to be easy or difficult depending on the student.

1.  Take the students outside or clear out the desks and chairs.

2.  Split them into two teams and have them stand in two long lines facing you.

3.  Ask a question to the two students at the front.

4.  The first student to answer correctly (I insist on full sentences) sits down to the side of you. The loser goes to the back of the line. If they both answer at the same time, ask another question, then another. You gotta listen very carefully!

5.  A team wins when every member is sitting to the side of you.

Cue mad cheering and pleas to play it again.

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