Prestige CM Residence, Chiang Mai: Review

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I keep going back to Prestige CM Residence, because...

Every room in the hotel has a massive, sexy bathtub.

The kind of bathtub that two people can fit into easily. And the water is HOT if you don't turn the tap on too much. Perfect.

Prestige CM Residence is on Huay Kaew road, and is perfect for staying near Nimmanhaemin and Maya, without the Nimman price-tag.

I stay in this hotel when I go for a big night out in the city and need somewhere to stumble drunkenly back to.

Do you know how hard it is to find an affordable hotel in Chiang Mai with a bath tub?

My boyfriend and I actually stayed here for New Year's Eve, and I bought fancy peppermint bubblebath and rose petals from Worawot flower market.......... bliss.

There's a huge window through to the bedroom too, sexy. The rooms are extremely clean, the sheets and towels are crisp white loveliness, everything is perfect. There's honestly nothing bad to say about this hotel, except I'd prefer a few more homely touches.

I highly recommend Prestige CM Residence if you're looking for an affordable room near Nimmanhaemin with a big, gorgeous bathtub. You're welcome!

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