Pentatonic Rock Bar, Chiang Mai

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I freaking love Pentatonic Rock Bar.

photo from Pentatonic's Facebook page

It's the only place in Chiang Mai I can rock out to live covers of System of a Down, Rammstein, Marylin Manson, Korn, Rage Against the Machine and Muse.... and other less awesome bands like Guns n Roses (sorry, fans!).

I go really often. When we go on a night out, and it doesn't include Pentatonic Rock Bar, I sometimes feel like the night out could probably have been better.

The bands that play aren't shitty cover bands. They are amazing. The guitarists should be performing in concert halls around the world. The singers make the songs their own (if they like the song they're covering, haha).

The night starts off calmly, with Radiohead, Blur and Nirvana covers, and songs that only Andy knows.

Sometimes there's a very enthusiastic band who cover the kind of music people make claw hands to while whipping their very long hair around. Sometimes they have guest bands. Sometimes random members of the audience get up on stage to sing.

The main headliner band always makes me happy. There seems to be a few different singers and musicians that take it in turns. Or maybe they're different bands? I'm not sure, I'm usually drunk by this point.

But there's one lead singer who I especially like, who is just exceptionally cool and growls his way through all the songs.

Sure, it's not original music and sure, they play the same things most nights, but I love it. See you there!

Find Pentatonic Rock Bar in the Zoe area, in the Old City. Here's a map:

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