Granola delivered to my house! Sweetory Chiang Mai

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I experienced something quite extravagant the other day.

I had a small packet of homemade granola delivered to my house!

Sweetory make special granola, put it in a cute brown bag and post it to you. They say it's healthy but I think it might be more of a treat-breakfast, because it's sweetened with maple syrup. And it's so, so tasty.

This granola had oats, cashews, fat juicy raisins, sunflower seeds and a sprinkling of black sesame seeds. It contained 120g, which it turns out is the perfect breakfast serving size.

I sliced a banana from the tree in our garden (!) on top of granola and a little milk, then dolloped natural yoghurt on top. Perfect. Andy was jealous, because he had normal muesli. Sorry dude! See that pretty wooden tray? It was a gift from my wonderful Thai friend May. I love it!

On their Facebook page they say that the smaller 50g bags are good for snacking on during long car journeys. I've never had dry granola as a snack before! Like a fancy trail mix I guess. I'll definitely try taking some to snack on next time we go hiking in the forest. It might mean that Andy's fearsome hunger rage is more manageable ;)

If you want to order some Sweetory granola to be delivered to your house or room, just message them on their Facebook page with the size you want, how many you want and your address. Or, if you've mastered the mysteries of Line, Sweetory's Line ID is double-nan.

50g costs 45 baht and 120g costs 100 baht. Delivery costs 50 baht, but if you spend 500 baht or more then it's free and you can really stock up on delicious breakfast food. Paying them is easy so long as you have a Thai bank account, you just transfer the money to their bank account.

I want it with strawberries and blackberries next time...

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