Swiss Lanna Lodge Chiang Mai: Review

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One word: BATHTUB.


Swiss Lanna Lodge is seriously lovely. The owners have converted an old traditional teak Thai house into really cosy accommodation. Everything is rich brown teak and there's modern and Lanna-style art dotted around. There are lots of communal areas, like the restaurant, balcony and garden.

It's really close to the river and night market, but it's in a residential area down a small soi that's kinda tricky to find at first. But, that does mean it's super quiet whilst still being close to everything. Find it on Google maps here.

The friendly Swiss Lanna staff had written our names on a chalkboard in the lobby and welcomed us with a glass of ice cold roselle juice to sip while we checked in. The happy lady who welcomed us told us what was nearby, and explained the different things we could do by ourselves or they could arrange for us.

The smallest rooms cost 890 baht and the most expensive one costs 3,390 baht.

We stayed in the fancy fancy Pasha room, the only one with a jacuzzi bathtub. It was gorgeous. It had a gong. It had a lamp that looked like a chemistry flask, and a strange egg-shaped device that killed mosquitoes. Though, we asked for mosquito spray because there were lots flying round, and that worked much better than the mysterious egg!

The Pasha Room housed the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in to date, including my old bed in England.  When I jumped on it to test the squishyness I actually exclaimed in shock at how beautiful it felt.

I closed the blackout blinds (hell yes), turned the aircon to ice-cold freezing and we read by the light of the chemistry flask for a while. I was nearly swallowed up by the fancy duvets and sheets and pillows.

So then Andy force fed a muffin into my face, in our little garden. That's love, right?

Everything in the room was the best quality, with a huge wardrobe, mirror, cool arty furniture and thoughtful touches like tea and coffee. The furniture looked like it should be in an art gallery - the modern pieces in the old teak house worked really well. The bathroom was outdoors and had a pretty Thai mural on the wall, a rain shower, a toilet with a bamboo plant growing out of the top and the tap was a little silver pyramid! I felt seriously fancy floating around the Pasha Room.

The hot tub was totally private with hot and cold water, and a shower, and a magical silver button that turned the jets on. Oh my word I must have spent around four hours in that tub in total. There was a kaffir lime tree behind it, and a little bird had made a nest in it! And she kept flying to and fro, bringing tasty grubs for her bird babies. I felt all magical and at one with nature, kind of.

Breakfast was delicious and healthy - muesli and homemade yoghurt drizzled with honey and a cappuccino. This is what hot summer mornings were made for.

Swiss Lanna Lodge make lots of different breakfast food, but for dinner I would recommend hopping on your motorbike (or borrow one of theirs) for five minutes to Dukes for the best pizza in Chiang Mai.

Chilling out here was just what we needed! It was a great opportunity for Andy and I to spend time together before I went on a two week motorbike trip around Northern Thailand with my friend Rob. More on that next time...

Thanks, Swiss Lanna Lodge! ^__^

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