Celebrate Easter Like A Boss At Sankampaeng Hot Springs, Chiang Mai

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How to celebrate Easter in Chiang Mai? Sankampaeng hot springs of course!

How To Celebrate Easter at Sankampaeng Hot Springs:

1. Grab a bunch of your favourite Chiang Mai-ian friends.

2. Drive to Sankampaeng hot springs through gorgeous Chiang Mai countryside.

3. Pay to get in, currently 50 baht if you have a Thai work permit and 100 baht if you don't.

4. Walk through the green gardens and beyond the strange egg sculpture, that is rather phallic actually.

5. Sit for an hour or two near the bottom end of the bathing canals, dangling your legs in the hot sulphery water. Sit nearer the spring source only if you're hardcore and like the feeling of your legs being boiled.

6. It's hot in April. Stay hydrated: sip 30 baht coconuts and 15 baht iced herbal roselle juice.

7. Buy a cute handmade basket of eggs. 20 baht for three big chicken eggs, or lots of tiny quail eggs.

8. Look at the sign for how long to boil your eggs for. BUT BEWARE. Follow the sign's instructions at your peril because it vastly underestimates how long the spring takes to boil an egg.

9. Boil eggs in the hottest pool of spring water, near the guisers, by hanging the basket on one of the hooks. Ignore the sign. Trust me: leave your chicken egg in there for 25 minutes. Run around in the steam and pretend that you're in an apocalypse movie.

10. Wash the sulphery water off the eggs in clean (?) water in the troughs nearby.

11. Give everyone their own egg.

12. Admire your egg. So smooth. So unblemished.

13. Look at the sad, broken egg that was taken out of the boiling water too soon. That's the Judas Egg. Feel pleased that it isn't yours and you listened to My Chiang Mai Everything.

14. Crack open your egg, breathe a sigh of relief that you ignored the sign. Eat your perfectly cooked egg dipped in soy sauce.

15. Discuss Easter.

16. Ponder the ways other people around the world are celebrating Easter right now.

15. Eat delicious cheap Thai food (phrik ong, pad kapow, spring rolls and som tam and sticky rice) in the restaurant and drive home in the late afternoon sunshine.

But don't drive too fast and overheat your bike, because remember, it's hot in April. Oops..

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