Doiin View Resort, Chiang Mai: Review

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Doiin View is just 7 kilometres from Doi Inthanon National Park, and was the perfect base for a Doi Inthanon adventure.

It takes about an hour and a half to drive from Chiang Mai to Doin View. There's a map at the bottom of this post!

The cosy little huts at Doiin View are comfortable, well appointed and super clean. The dreamy white curtains blowing in the cool breeze and the wood floor and walls make the room feel cozy and magical. Our hut had aircon, a kettle, tea and coffee. The big bed had a crisp white duvet and nice pillows. In the private outdoor bathroom area there was a safe and a fridge. The only thing lacking was WiFi!

I love showering outside in the morning. There's something about being bathed in the dappled morning sunlight as I wash that really revitalises me. I adore the secret-garden feel of the outdoor bathroom, and the hot rain-shower is delightful. There are so many tropical plants surrounding you as you shower! I wish I could shower like this every morning. I can't think of many morning showers that beat this one!

Each hut is named after a plant, tree or flower found in the area. Our hut was called 'Fagraea Fragrans' and there was a little notice on the wall inside telling us all about it! I would have liked to stay in the hut named 'Herald Strumpet', though ;)

Because we went in low season, they weren't serving food at dinner time. I completely recommend driving left out of the entrance to the Doi In Shore restaurant, about 10 minutes away. Andy and I had pad si ew, buffalo wings, chicken cashew nut and beer. It was so good and the waitress/owner is really smart and lovely.

The staff at Doiin View are kind and friendly. We arrived a lot later than planned on Friday night, but they were accommodating and helpful.

The huts sit around a big green lawn in the middle of the resort, which is lined with bright flowers and dotted with pretty little trees. The atmosphere is peaceful and we loved drinking tea on our porch each morning before breakfast.

Sadly, we weren't impressed with Doiin View's breakfast. The first morning was cold eggy-bread made with 7-11 bread, cold scrambled eggs, mayo-heavy salad and 3-in-1 coffee. We told the management that we didn't love it, and requested fried rice for tomorrow's breakfast. Sadly, this too was served cold, and we had the same 3-in-1 coffee. Possibly this was because of it being low season. I think breakfast would be better received if they served muesli, fruit and yoghurt or something that is supposed to be served cold, and that way they wouldn't have to open the kitchen especially for breakfast. We think it's a better idea for travellers staying at Doiin View to buy breakfast from a nearby street-food vendor, or at a cafe after you go inside Doi Inthanon National Park.

Except for the breakfast and lack of WiFi, Doiin View was a delightful place to sleep while we were adventuring up Doi Inthanon mountain. Because we were so close, we beat the crowds of daytrippers and enjoyed taking it slow and having some of the attractions all to ourselves. We stayed up the mountain till dusk, too - something we couldn't have done if we'd had to go back to Chiang Mai that afternoon!

I always find that Agoda is the cheapest option for booking rooms in Thailand.

This map I made shows how to get to Doiin View Resort from Chiang Mai, and all the Doi Inthanon attractions we visited!

Keep exploring people :)

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