Escape Hunt Chiang Mai Review

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When I received an invitation to be locked into a room and try to escape from it, I was pretty excited.

Does that make me weird? So be it.

Escape Hunt Chiang Mai review

Escape Rooms are a big deal right now, and new ones keep opening up all over the world. Probably coz they're so much fun.

Escape Hunt Chiang Mai is right in the middle of the Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai. Teams of two to ten friends, family members or colleagues get locked in a room and try to escape from it by finding clues and solving puzzles. It's like a computer game bought to life.

The day before, images of Saw-esque scenarios swam through my head. Would a masked villain whisper cryptic clues over the intercom in a raspy, zombie-ish voice? Would I have to chop off someone's leg with a rusty hack saw? My own? The possibilities seemed endless.

Four of us arrived ten minutes before the game and were greeted by a decidedly un-scary Thai lady dressed in a Sherlock Holmes style outfit. I was a little disappointed - where was the horrifying mask!? She was incredibly lovely, laid-back and helpful. We learned that we were to figure out The Tale of the White Elephant, a mystery set in the 1500's Lanna Kingdom.

Ms. Holmes briefed us on our mission in fluent English: we would be locked in a room, and had to decipher clues and solve puzzles to find where the mystical white elephant was hidden.

Upon finding him, we would restore prosperity back to Chiang Mai. We had one hour to do it. If we hadn't found the white elephant within sixty minutes, Ms. Holmes would come and chop our legs off with a rusty hack saw.

Before leading us to the room, Ms. Holmes anointed my forehead with a special potion to open my third eye. She said it would definitely help. I believed her.

We were feeling pretty confident. We were three teachers and one writer, and at least 3 of us are pretty smart.

We stepped into the first, dimly lit room and Ms. Holmes locked the door behind us. It was very exciting. The room was tiny, and after searching around for a while we found clues. Some clues were cryptic and well-hidden. We pulled on things, overturned furniture, deciphered codes, listened to hidden speakers, found footprints, shone torchlight into pitch black corners... I'm not going to reveal too much, though. That would ruin the surprise.

The Escape Room Chiang Mai was a ton of fun and sufficiently challenging. I don't think I've high-fived that much in such a short space of time... ever.

After blazing our way through a series of rooms, making plenty of mistakes and asking for help just once, we completed our mission with time to spare. Prosperity was restored to Chiang Mai. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty relieved. Our reward was tea, biscuits and photographs in the lounge area.

Escape Hunt Chiang Mai review

Escape Hunt is fun and different.

It's great for friends, and I would definitely do this with my family too. It's suitable for all ages - kids will enjoy the mysterious adventure of it all, and it's not all so difficult that they'd feel left out. It's not scary at all. Couples could get really into this; it would be a fun way to challenge yourselves. I'd say the optimum team size is four to six people.

Essential Info

Open daily from 10am to 8.30pm
The Pavilion Building, 2nd Floor. Head behind McDonalds at the Night Bazaar.
Tel: 052001066

Psst - book online to get a 10% discount.

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