Which is the best shopping mall in Chiang Mai?

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There are five main shopping malls in Chiang Mai. Here's the lowdown, maps to each included.

Central Festival - my number one choice

Check out Central Festival Chiangmai store directory here.

  • Has the most shops out of all malls in Chiang Mai
  • Lots of cheaper and expensive Western brand clothes shops
  • Lots of sports shops
  • A whole floor dedicated to mobile phones, computers, cameras, other tech and internet providers
  • Big Major Cineplex cinema
  • Decent air-conditioned fairly cheap food hall
  • Lots of restaurants, ice cream shops, bakeries, coffee shops and a tea house
  • Ice skating, Fun Planet with dance machines etc
  • Hairdressers and barbershops
  • All major Thai banks
  • Opticians
  • Lots of beauty clinics
  • A language school (Wall Street)
  • Bag and shoe repair shop
  • Tops supermarket
I go to Central Festival Chiangmai if I need new clothes or to go to the cinema.

Maya - my number two choice

  • Way fewer shop choices than Central Festival
  • Western brand clothes shops are mostly expensive
  • Nice air-conditioned food hall in the basement
  • Quite a few good restaurants, ice cream shops, coffee shops and bakeries
  • Big SF cinema
  • Most major banks (not Bangkok Bank though)
  • Mobile phone and internet service providers
  • EX10Karaoke & Game with dance machines, kareoke, racing games etc
  • 24 hour cafe with fast Wi-Fi (CAMP)
  • Rimp
  • Hairdressers and barbershops
  • Beauty clinics
  • Sky bar
I go to Maya because it's in a good location near Nimmanhaemin, to use CAMP, to go to the cinema and to shop for groceries at Rimping.

Central Airport Plaza - my number three choice

  • Old (but fine) Major Cineplex cinema
  • Robinsons department store
  • “Northern Village” local handicraft zone
  • Quite a few Thai brand clothes shops, a few Western brand clothes shops
  • Restaurants, coffee shops and ice cream shops
  • Beauty clinics
  • Most major banks
  • A whole floor dedicated to mobile phones, computers, cameras, other tech and internet providers
  • Opticians
  • A pretty cool boutique shop floor in the basement

Promenada Resort Mall - a bit too far out to go to unless there's an event on

  • Mostly coffee shops and restaurants
  • Great SF Cinema
  • Opticians
  • Most major banks
  • Massage
  • At night, there's live entertainment and Thai food

Kad Suan Kaew - my last choice (unless I'm going bowling)

  • Robinsons department store
  • Bowling
  • A sports shop
  • Tops supermarket
  • You can get passport photographs taken here

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