Peng Pud: Midnight Lanna Ceremony in Chiang Mai

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Did you come to Chiang Mai for unforgettable, unique cultural experiences?

Of course you did! On Tuesday December 13th 2016, you can participate in a fascinating Northern Thai celebration: Peng Pud.
Peng Pud Midnight Monk Offering Chiang Mai

Thai Buddhists believe that during Peng Pud, the revered monk Phra Uppakut leaves his home under the ocean under the cover of darkness to disguise himself as a novice monk and beg for alms. So, locals go to the temple at night to give offerings to Phra Uppakut by giving food to novice monks.

People believe those who make merit in this way will be blessed, and become rich.

Peng Pud is held on any Wednesday when there's a full moon, but no particular month is specified. The celebration could be in January, March, December - any month of the year, so long as it's a Wednesday and a full moon.

Go to the school opposite Wat Don Chan (click here for map) on Tuesday December 13th 2016 at 23:00 to participate in Peng Pud and welcome the Full Moon Wednesday at midnight in the temple.

Take packaged or dry food as your offering. Uncooked rice, fruit, ramen noodles, pandan cake, tinned tuna, biscuits, crackers, three-in-one coffee sachets, soy milk cartons - really, any kind of dried or packaged food.

Give your food to the monks to make merit.

Simply follow what the Thai people are doing, and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Simply asking "how?" or giving a friendly confused look will work. If you're a woman, take extra care to never touch a monk.

See you at Peng Pud, and let's be Facebook friends!

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