Vintage Britain, Tea, & Cake: The London Tearoom, Chiang Mai

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Everything feels better with a good cup of tea.

Chiang Mai is an indisputable city of coffee shops and coffee addicts. But when you've got cappuccino fatigue and another fruit smoothie won't cut it, only a cuppa will do. Tea has been described as the elixir of life, actual poetry, and of far greater importance than toilet paper. And that's definitely true in Thailand - we've got bum guns instead!

The London Tearoom is your British grandma's vintage living room in Chiang Mai.

It's filled with chintzy ornaments, adorned with floral wallpaper, and portraits of Her Majesty the Queen. Tea is served lovingly in dainty tea cups, pretty mugs, and old-fashioned tea pots. Cake comes on blue-and-white plates, which look so beautiful against the crisp white embroidered table cloths. It's Christmas right now, and it's so cozy inside with decorated Christmas trees, tinsel, fairy lights, and vintage music.

You could keep it traditional with British Breakfast or Earl Grey tea (my favourite), or choose from handmade blends with names like Sabai Tea, Flower Power, Bliss Tea, Happy Liver, Green Chai, and Tom Yum Tea.

Good tea tastes better with good cake, that's just a life-truth.

The London Tearoom offers a delectable range of homemade cakes including carrot cake, vegan brownie, Oreo cheesecake, and, my favourite, lemon drizzle. If you’re not in the mood for cake (what!?), they do breakfast things like omelet.

The London Tearoom is open every day 8am to 6pm. They run regular promotions, like 'free cake with a cup of tea' - keep an eye out on their Facebook page. It has reliable WiFi, fairly comfortable seating, and is a great place to work or study. The owner Tom is an exceptionally friendly, laid-back, and welcoming British guy. Say hi! And, if you’re really digging the British vintage vibe, you can stay in one of the guest rooms upstairs.

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The London Tearoom is easy to find – use this map and look out for the bright red old-fashioned telephone box outside. Of course ;)

Do you go somewhere else in Chiang Mai for tea? TELL ME WHERE. I need more tea. It's urgent.

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  1. I love my tea! Great write up and Devonshire Tea here I come! :)

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