Make money for travel. Teach English online with Dada ABC.

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Fancy ditching your drab life to travel the world, but don’t have enough cash to buy a plane ticket? 

How does working at home for just three hours a day and making around $800 - $1500 a month sound? That plane ticket to Bangkok is sounding more achievable already ;)

Earn money teaching English online with Dada ABC

Dada ABC is a massive online education platform for one-on-one English teaching to Chinese kids aged 5 to 16. They’re partnered with big-deal businesses like National Geographic Learning, Pearson, and Penguin Random House. They’re an awesome company to work for.

The best thing about Dada ABC is that they pay up to $25 an hour for genuinely rewarding work. You can teach from anywhere in the world with a decent internet connection – in your home, in Bali, in Croatia, in Japan - wherever you feel like exploring next!

Sounds sweet, right? This post is dedicated to explaining how you can make money for your travel fund with Dada ABC.

What are Dada ABC’s requirements?

You gotta be a native English speaker with a uni degree in any field. You need a computer, a good internet connection, and a headset. Unlike, well, pretty much ALL other teach-English-online companies, you don’t have to be Northern American. Let me hear ya, native-English non-Americans!

Teach English online with Dada ABC

What’s it like teaching with Dada ABC?

Seriously guys, Dada ABC classes are so fun and stress-free. If you know me, you know I’m not the kind to gush over how cute kids are. There has to be a lot more going on than just a cute face staring back at me before I feel fulfilled.

Student English skills start from absolute beginner to pretty much fluent. So, in one class, you’ll be teaching AH AH APPLE! BUH BUH BOY! and in the next you’ll be having a deep conversation about what you would wish for if you could have one wish come true. Gotta be honest, I love those deeper interactions more – but seeing the beginners improve over time is incredibly rewarding, too.

Classes are 14 or 30 minutes long, depending on the kind of class you’re teaching. Each class is one-to-one and taught inside a virtual classroom with pre-made slides and interactive tools. Yep – you don’t have to create your own teaching materials! Everything is done for you so you can focus all your energy on being a kickass teacher.

What does the virtual classroom look like?

You see your student inside a little screen next to the slides, and they see you. There is a countdown timer so you can see exactly how long you have left in class. You’re given a virtual treasure chest of five stars per class. Whenever your student does something ace or needs encouraging, you can click on a star to unleash it into the classroom. Those kids really love the stars!

Depending on your teaching style, you can draw, play games, use puppets, sing songs – really, you can try out any teaching idea! If you’re not really a puppet-and-singing kinda person, that’s OK - ask imaginative questions, draw, play games, and enjoy plenty of free-flow conversation based on the topic you’re studying. Dada ABC strongly encourages total physical response teaching style.

A typical Dada ABC class looks like this:

Log in to Dada ABC at least ten minutes before your first class.
Enter the virtual classroom. You get a thumbs up if you enter 30 seconds early.
Say hello to your student. Introduce yourself if they’re someone new. Make ‘em smile – if your student loves you, they’ll learn more!
Do a fun warm up activity tailored to the student’s ability.
Teach based on the slides. 
Ask them to read, sound out letter sounds, listen and circle the correct word, copy pronunciation, play English games, etc. Ask concept-checking questions to ensure they understand. Elicit more than teach – get them to practice speaking, spelling, and reading as much as possible. Make them laugh!
Review everything you just learned together.
Say goodbye.
Write a 150-word lesson report within 24 hours.

After teaching there for a week or so you’ll have regular students. You’ll see them at the same time every week. Watching their English improve is incredibly rewarding.

How many hours can I teach at Dada ABC?

You can teach as much or as little as you like, so long as you teach at least two hours twice a week. Dada ABC’s main teaching hours are Beijing-time 6pm to 9.10pm Monday to Friday, and pretty much all day Saturday or Sunday. 

Amazingly, you set your own schedule – so if you don’t want to work weekends, you don’t have to! Most Dada ABC teachers set their contract hours at three hours a day, Monday to Friday. It’s a cinch to apply for temporary part-time hours if you need a little extra cash that month, too.
Once Dada ABC have your schedule, they’ll send students your way. You don’t have to do anything – just wait for them to appear in your timetable. 

What is Dada ABC’s hourly rate?

Your Dada ABC hourly salary is based on your teaching experience and how well you perform in your interview and demo class. If you have loads of teaching experience and you nail the onboarding process, you’ll be offered a higher hourly rate than a newbie - but even newbie salaries are nothing to scoff at. Your salary is reviewed each time your contract is renewed. Max salary is $25 an hour.

Unlike most teach-online companies, Dada ABC pays half time for your contract hours even if you have no class in your schedule. You just have to be logged into the system. I think it’s great that they recognise this time is still time out of your day – who wants to be paid nothing for waiting around when you could be out doing fun things instead?

They offer monthly bonuses and contests to boost up your salary, so most months you can earn more than your base salary. There's a big bonus at Christmas for not taking any days off, for example!

You are paid by the 15th each month via PayPal or into your bank account.

How can I get hired at Dada ABC?

First, apply here. Then wait for an email response. If you don’t receive a reply, apply again in one month. If your application was successful, here’s what will go down:

Short Skype interview
Internet connection test
Training videos about total physical response, the Dada ABC system, and how to teach like a pro
Observed demo class with a real student

If you impress your interviewer, you will be offered an hourly rate and asked to confirm your teaching schedule. If you accept, you can sign the contract and begin teaching as soon as possible. Initial contract lengths are 6 months or 1 year.

Good luck if you decide to apply for DadaABC!

Feel free to comment with any questions :)

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