Tinder in Chiang Mai: what's it like for girls?

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Tindering in Chiang Mai is an adventure of its own.

Caveat: this is purely from my point of view, a twenty-eight year old woman living in Chiang Mai. Your experience may differ.

Overall, Chiang Mai is a good place to date interesting men from around the world, but it isn't a good place to find an actual boyfriend (more on that later). Most girls my age in Chiang Mai seem to find Tinder dating in Chiang Mai is easy.

I know the app has a reputation as being only for hookups in some parts of the world, but doesn't seem to be the case here. In Chiang Mai you can use it for hookups, but you can also absolutely use Tinder to meet interesting, smart, attractive, respectful people who don't pressure you into doing anything you don't want to do. I only met a handful of dudes I wouldn't want to meet again.

There's men from all over the world on Tinder in Chiang Mai. Most are interested in meeting up rather than online chat, it's fairly easy to weed out the f**kboys, and there are plenty of fun date opportunities to be had here. Dates themselves are usually casual, easy, and laid-back. Good times are pretty cheap - it's no big deal to eat fancy, visit a stunning national park, or drink together. Chiang Mai's affordability = ❤.

Of course, douchebags roam everywhere and bad things happen here too. Be as careful as you would in any part of the world.

What are Tinder Guys like in Chiang Mai?

The Tinder Tourists
They're looking for a tour guide, kisses, and hookups while they explore the city for a few days or a couple of weeks. They don't always disclose their short-term tourist status upfront, but when they do they'll put something like "looking for someone to show me around the city before I leave in two days" or "not here for a long time, here for a good time." Fun if you just want someone to hang with/get cosy with.

The Digital Nomads
In Chiang Mai working on their businesses while exploring Northern Thailand and networking. They're usually here for longer than Tinder Tourists - anything from a few weeks to a few months. Sometimes even a year or more. They're digital marketers, programmers, web developers, writers, designers, blockchainers, online poker players, life coaches, etc. Some are looking for casual fun, some are looking for friends only, and some are looking for something more serious. They usually state outright that they're a digital nomad, entrepreneur, or location independent in their bio.

The Teachers
They live in Chiang Mai long term and are employed at one of the schools or universities in Chiang Mai, which means they're around for a year or more. Swipe right with one at the start of Term One and you could have a new friend for at least a year.

The Online Teachers
There are so many online teachers in Chiang Mai! If they have an education visa, they're gonna be around for six months to a year or more. If they don't, they'll probably only stick around for a short time.

The Thai Guys
Lots of sweet-looking Thai guys. Many have blank or almost-empty bios. If they do have a bio they often choose to write an inspirational quote. Many are looking for someone to practice English with. I noticed that quite a few specifically state they don't want a relationship or sex.

The Spiritual Guys
They're always smiling and happy in their photos. They write things in their bios that don't really do it for me, but lots of people in Chiang Mai are super into. Things about yin and yang, vibrations, harmony, meditation, soul exploration, and spiritual journeys. I once saw a man offering spiritualistic yoni massages. Yep.

The Couples
There are occasionally couples seeking a third to join in their play on Tinder in Chiang Mai. The accounts are run by both of them and they usually want to meet up to see if you all click before you get down to it. They usually specify if they're into a certain kink. Tip: install Feeld if you're into playing with more than one partner at a time.

The Thai-Ladies-Only Guys
Some Chiang Mai Tinder Guys exclusively desire Thai girls. They say they want to learn more of the local language and can speak Thai nid noi, or have been here a while and their whole profile is written in Thai. It's impressive! I swiped no to them, though, because it's clear they want Thai girls even though I could read it ;)

The No-Sex Guys
Tinder isn't just for hookups here. Some men and women indicate they use Tinder to find friends or business contacts. If they're non-Thai they want to exchange travel tips, find travel friends, make international friends, and practice their English. Thai men and women generally want to practice their English, share Instagram (really!), and make international friends.

The No-Bio Guys
What are these guys doing? I have no idea who they are or what they want. I never swiped yes to them... unless one of their pictures shows them in a metal t-shirt, playing an instrument, or with long hair. If you know what their deal is, feel free to let me know!

Do Tinder matches usually lead to Tinder chats in Chiang Mai?

I found that if you match and send a message, you'll get a response most of the time. If you match and wait for them to send a message, you still get loads of responses - just not so many. Tindering in Chiang Mai seems pretty easy for women my age.

Do Tinder chats usually lead to Tinder dates in Chiang Mai?

Yes, if you want it to. Most guys on Tinder in Chiang Mai are interested in meeting up over chatting. Quite a few specifically write something like "not interested in long online conversations, let's meet up in real life." Ghosting happens, but not too often, and usually it's if they've left Chiang Mai already.

Can you find a long-term boyfriend in Chiang Mai?

It happens, but the pool of potential long-term boyfriends is MUCH smaller than back in my home city. Chiang Mai is such a transient place - people come and go all the time. My suggestion: if you meet someone amazing and are in a position where you can be together - go for it. You can always move back ;)

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  1. I (male) have been using Tinder sometimes in Chiang Mai. Amy, I 100% agree on your article, well written.

  2. I admit that Tinder probably isn't the best place to look for a partner... but Its actually really hard to find a western girl/western educated girlfriend in Thailand. Firstly there is the assumption by most that if you are a male expat living here then you must be looking for sex with hundreds of Thai women. . And also that you must be a complete weirdo or living a different life to settling down with kids etc that everyone back home is doing. I think most girls I meet tend to think im not interested in them. I go back to the US and its kind of an interesting thing that I am living "the dream" overseas - quite interesting and attractive. But over here, the foreign women I meet seem to have no interest or regard me with suspicion or they are on their one month dash around Asia trip and looking for an actual boyfriend isn't on their agenda. And yes lots of weirdos out there looking for vulnerable women to do "sexy healing stuff" to.

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